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Welcome to Sampair Chiropractic

  FREE Seminar January 17th 10-11:30 Information on 

  • Natural ways to feel more energized •     • How to change a bad habit • 

  • How to set up a will or living trust •  • How to create a budget for 2015 •

Dr. Deb Sampair, DC empowers her patients to achieve whole body wellness, so they can relax about their health and enjoy their lives.

How does she do this?
  • Patiently listening for the real symptoms
  • Evaluating patient's life style to improve – and eliminate – core causes of symptoms
  • Adjusting in the classic style & using new    techniques and tools
  • Painlessly breaking up scar tissue 
  • Educating patients for their whole life so they can make educated choices in areas like
    • nutrition
    • exercise
    • supplement protocols
We look forward to hearing from you.

For a complimentary consultation or to schedule an appointment, you can call or email Dr. Deb Sampair at (408) 394-5487 or
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